An Ode to Mosquitoes..

I just got bitten 12 times by the same mosquito. And so, this is what I have to say:

Nature’s vampires,
The real, the true,
Are the little bitty flies biting me and you.
They feed off our blood
And taunt us still,
Because they are so small
And hard to kill.
One bite is okay;
Two? Fine.
But more than five is NOT alright.
I could walk covered
From head to toe;
But the sun’s so hot that my skin must show.
To feel the breeze,
Yet embrace the bites.
Compromise isn’t always nice.
Hopefully the worst has come to pass,
for I don’t know how much longer I can last.
Still I can breathe, and am alive;
But mosquitoes beware, for you may not survive.

Where’s the chalomine?

Back to regular broadcasting soon,

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A Splash of Drama with a Little Bit of Drama on the Side

Every trip requires some planning. But then there are those trips that deserve no planning at all; you just go.

For me, I can never “just go” anywhere. There has to be some form of planning involved; my meticulous nature demands it. That’s why it strikes me as so odd why I cannot seem to follow any of the planning I have done and been advised to do for the trips I am about to embark on.

One of the planned tasks I assigned myself to accomplish today was getting vaccinations: a dreadful task for anyone afraid of even the dullest of needles (me). But one of my destinations requires that I put chemicals into my body to protect me from supposed evils in the tropics. Here’s to hoping it was worth it.

Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, I cannot seem to stay on task with planning for this trip and am very much behind. The vaccinations I need must be applied at least a month before I leave (the month deadline just ended about two days ago).

Anyways, I went to the travel doctor today to get consulting and, well, things got really interesting. The consultation went well, there were no problems there. The downfall occurred when I went to purchase the prescriptions.

I went into this consultation blindly, I must admit, and needless to say, I was missing a few very important things: insurance numbers, proper background information on what vaccinations are needed for my destination, and just simply a clear, calm head.

After various calls made, and scribbles and scratch-outs of numbers, we got that sorted out.

Then came the application of the drugs – but that actually went by quite easily. No sweat.

The real pain, however, came after. As I left the doctor’s office to enter the neighboring convenience store to treat myself with some sweet candy after my freshly-made needle wound, the metal door of the store slammed the heel of my foot and all that came after (that I can remember, really) was blood.

I’ll leave it to your imagination to picture the chaos that ensued as I re-entered the doctor’s office and was treated for my more severe wound.

As I’ve said already, things are about to get interesting in my life, and today was just proof of that. All I can really say is that I can’t wait for what tomorrow has in store.

À la prochaine,


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