The Feels.

So I’m back home from my semester-long exchange in Grenoble, France; have been for about a month now.

At first, even actually before I returned, I longed for the familiarity I was once surrounded by day-in day-out. I longed for my family, my friends, my school, my old life while still holding tight to the memories of the near past.

But as time came and went at and around home, a certain feeling grew on me, one which felt inexplicable and unnatural.

Then, tonight, I read this article by Kellie Donnelley, and my feelings not so much subsided, but in themselves, felt comforted at the thought that they were understood; that I was not alone in these series of feelings, and that it was in fact somewhat normal to feel such a way.

Here’s the link to the short but ever so sweet article:

À la prochaine,

One thought on “The Feels.

  1. Hey Anna
    I agree that the article summed it up brilliantly. You’ve changed and you’ll never go back to being the Anna you were before your travels. It’s all a part of growing and becoming – laughter, tears, thrills, mixed in with some pain – and then the realization that even if we don’t feel great, that shouldn’t prevent us from being the best that we can be wherever we are. Like I love to say, life’s all about choices. 😊
    Much love and mucho blessingsAuntie Heather

    Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2014 04:01:50 +0000

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