On commence..

And so it begins. Again.

I tried the diary thing, and the journal thing too, but my busy mind never seems to be able to stay on track with one thing for too long. But this time…this time, things will be different.

Life, I recently realized, goes by whether or not you decide to follow along. And I figured, why not find a way to follow along and, if deemed necessary, find a way to get back on track if I or my thoughts ever go astray.

Things are about to get interesting for me and that’s all because I have been given the wonderfully delightful opportunity to discover the world which we call home. I’ve seen with my own eyes the tragedy of confining oneself to minimal, miscalculated limits in life, and I made myself a promise to never ever do that.

We may not get just one life to live, but we do only get one shot to live this one and I want to aim well. I hope you can follow with me as I discover what life has to offer, what this beautiful Earth has to show us all, and I hope you enjoy it 🙂

À la prochaine,

Music for the Moment:


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